Welcome to Vertigo Distribution, one of the most important wine importers in the local market, with a leading role in sales, marketing and representation of brand products.

The aim of Vertigo is clear: to stir up the heart and mind of Albanian consumers by offering a wide selection of high-quality wines and foods. These excellent wines are part of the wine world map.

Our main principles are investing in people’s potential, responsibility and the offering of top-notch services only.


Our Mission

Our mission at Vertigo Wine Distribution is simple: offer a large selection of fine wines that offer great value at all price points. We want to make these wines easily available to Albanian retailers and restaurants, and provide exceptional service to all of our customers.

Our vision

Our vision is a wine distribution company that brings our customers closer to the producers, providing in-depth, real, honest information about all of the wines that we work with, and to build a community of staff, customers, and producers who share our vision.