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Montes Alpha Carmenère (2018)


Deep ruby-red with an eye-catching, violet hue. On the nose it’s complex and elegant.
Pronounced, delicious aromas of ripe red and black fruit melt into inviting chocolate, mocha and brioche. The nose is well-balanced, with a little spice in the background.

The French oak lends some toasted notes that complement the aromatic profile, while adding a slight sensation of sweetness. On the palate, it shows itself to be a wine of great Carmenère character and typicity, with rich acidity that is well balanced with the generous body. The tannins are velvety and give way to a long memorable finish.

Montes Alpha M (2018)


Cellaring recommendations: Away from any sources of light and excessive temperatures.
Recommended serving temperature: 17o C
Decanting: At least 1 hour.
Food pairing: Highly recommended with roast turkey, beef fillet, sherried kidneys, duck confit.

Montes Alpha Merlot (2017)

This newly released vintage of our Alpha Merlot shows a lovely deep, ruby-red colour. Ripe strawberry, blackberry, and black plum predominate on the nose, while its 12 months in French oak barrels lends elegant notes of toast, caramel, and vanilla, with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon. The palate is very smooth and medium bodied, with a perfect balance between aromas and avours, ending with a long, silky nish.


Cellaring recommendations: May be enjoyed now or laid down for 10 or more years.
Recommended serving temperature: 17˚-19˚C (62˚-66˚F).
Decanting: Recommended for 30 minutes.
Food Pairing: Highly recommended with duck breast, lamb or pork chops, pasta with pesto, lamb masala, and chicken with mushroom sauce.

Montes Outer Limits ‘Old Roots’ Cinsault (2018)


Cellaring Recommendations: Can be enjoyed immediately or cellared for up to 5 years.
Recommended Serving Temperature: 12o–14o C (53o–57o F)
Decanting: Not necessary
Pairing: Rabbit stew, slow-cooked legumes such as lentils, and very juicy cuts of meat are ideal with this great wine.

Montes Purple Angel (2017)

With this new vintage, Purple Angel shows a deep, carmine-red colour, typical of Carmenère. The aromas are complex, with pronounced black fruit, like blackberry and ripe blueberry. There is also dried plum, cooked cherry and candied fruit. Its 18 months in French oak gives a complex nose of toasted aromas, nuts, sweet spice and touches of dairy and vanilla. On the palate, the flavours follow on from the aromas, with sensations of dark fruit and dairy well balanced with the toast. It is finely balanced, with good body and a long finish.

Cellaring Recommendations: Store in a cool, dry place at no more than 15oC and away from sources of light.
Recommended Serving Temperature: 17o–19oC / 63o–66oF
Decanting: At least 1 hour.
Food Pairing: Highly recommended with red meats, lamb chops with rosemary, pork ribs, and cannelloni.

Montes Taita (2014)


Montes Taita is a deep ruby-red colour. The nose offers notes of cherry, raspberry and cassis; all harmoniously combined with the aromas from French oak, that unies the fruit with delicate notes of toast, sweet spices, and nally a hint of tobacco.


Cellaring Recommendations: In a cool, dry place, at no more than 15°C and away from sources of light.
Recommended Serving Temperature: No more than 18°C.
Decanting: At least two hours.

Outer Limits Zapallar Coast Sauvignon Blanc (2020)

The vineyards that produce the grapes for our Montes Outer Limits Sauvignon Blanc are located 7 km. from the Pacic coast, near the seaside resort of Zapallar. They are the only vineyards in the Zapallar Denomination of Origin, which is the most coastal zone of the Aconcagua Region. The soils in this area are high in clay. The vines correspond to French clones 242 and 107, and American clone 1, and are double Guyot-trained in vineyards of varying exposures and orientations. The semi-arid steppe climate here is drier compared to other coastal areas of Chile. Furthermore, because this is one of the narrowest parts of the country, the Coastal Range of mountains and the Andes have a signicant inuence.

The wine presents a pristine straw-yellow colour with glints of green. The intensely expressive nose is elegant, with notes of fresh white and yellow fruit like passionfruit, white peach, guava, and yellow grapefruit. There are also subtle notes of owers and boxwood. The wine is fresh on the palate and light bodied, with vibrant acidity and a long nish.