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100% Grande Champagne

1er cru de cognac

Where all begins… Exclusively harvested, distilled over lees and aged at the Estate, Frapin 1270 is the perfect introduction before discovering the entire range.

Carafe EXTRA

100% Grande Champagne

1er cru de cognac

A blend taken from the ancient family reserve, exclusively harvested, distilled and aged in barrels kept by Pierre Frapin and his descendants.

Château Fontpinot XO

The only Premier Cru château with the appellation 100% Grande Champagne

Presented in a streamlined, elegant bottle, this very old reserve XO can lay claim to the Château appellation because it is made exclusively from grapes harvested, distilled, matured and bottled at Château Fontpinot in Charente.

Cigar Blend

100% Grande Champagne

Premier Cru de cognac

Very old brandy exclusively from the 240-hectare vineyards of the Frapin estate.

Cuvée Plume Frapin 1

100 % Grande Champagne

Premier Cru de cognac

The quintessence of the Cellar Masters’ expertise on which the company’s reputation rests, Plume Frapin is a cognac made from a blend of about twenty eaux-de-vie produced exclusively from the Ugni Blanc grape variety grown in the 240 hectares of vineyards around Château Fontpinot. This very old Grande Champagne cognac has aged patiently for over 60 years in century-old barrels in the Pierre Frapin cellars. The damp cellars that house our oldest brandies favour the roundness of the cognac.

Millésime 1988-25 Ans

100% Grande Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac

This vintage produced from Ugni Blanc comes from vineyards located south-east of our vineyard at the place called “Chez Piet”, characterized by a clay and limestone soil and a friable limestone subsoil typical of the terroir of Grande Champagne. It is the BNIC (National Bureau Interprofessionnel Cognac) which guarantees the authenticity of vintage Cognac FRAPIN by a monitoring of sealed barrels in which our eau-de-vie ages.

Millésime 1990

Elegant and taut, supple and bright; Frapin Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old is a truly exceptional cognac. It is the result of a complex alchemy; a union of a unique terroir, knowledge passed from generation to generation and a passion for excellence. It embodies the Frapin style with its voluptuous aromatic richness and its infinitely long finish.

The 1990 vintage was an unusual year that has endowed Frapin Millésime 1990 with a unique personality. It comes entirely from Frapin’s Les Gabloteaux vineyard located within their 314 hectare domaine.

In Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old, Frapin has created a single vineyard cognac from a single year; celebrating a favourable year and an exceptional terroir from the heart of the Grande Champagne appellation.

Millésime 1991 – 20

Cognac Grande Champagne – First Cognac Cru

New elixir from the Trésor du Château collection, distilled with the lees and aged in oak barrels.


Produced exclusively from the wine-making estate at the heart of Cognac’s Premier Cru, this VSOP benefits from the age-old traditional expertise of the Frapin family. Harvested, distilled over lees and aged in the estate, it writes a new chapter of its history with a new decanter bringing elegance, refinement and roundness…