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Celebris Rosé 2007

APPEARANCE The colour is pale pink with ruby-cherry refl ections.

NOSE On the nose, fl avours of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and vanilla but also fresher notes of fl owers such as lilac or violet.

PALATE On the palate it is fresh and broad dominated by red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant, giving a soft full sensation fi nishing on notes of grapefruit and lemon.

PAIRING This CELEBRIS Rosé 2007 Extra Brut cuvée is made to please the fi nest gourmet and also anyone who loves romanticism in an aperitif. It can be served with carefully chosen dishes such a tuna fi sh, roasted Dublin-Bay prawns, veal, suckling or salt-marsh lamb, wild salmon but also with desserts based on strawberry, raspberry or pink grapefruit….

Celebris Vintage 2007

APPEARANCE A sparkling, pale yellow colour with a string of fi ne, discreet bubbles.

NOSE The nose is complex with smoky notes and hazelnut overtones. A very fresh nose which, as it warms slightly in the glass, reveals minty, even slightly spicy notes.

PALATE Very fi ne tension on the palate with volume and a crispness carried through to the middle palate with notes of brioche. The delightful sharpness of Chardonnay reappears on the fi nish with a hint of pink grapefruit.

PAIRING CELEBRIS is ideal choice for the well-informed gastronome to share on special occasions to whet the appetite. It will match well with simple fare such as oysters, particularly Belon oysters from Brittany, and langoustines or more intricate dishes such as sea bream in Thai sauce, chicken with lemongrass, fi let of veal or a grilled sole. Michel Guérard, renowned chef at Les Pres d’Eugenie, suggests a squab pigeon of Volière du Mandarin-Jardinier with caramelized duck liver.


APPEARANCE Bright, pale gold hue. Fine, persistent mousse.

NOSE Clean and clear on the nose with white fl ower aromas, such as acacia and hawthorn, set off by succulent aromas of pear.

PALATE This wine is of great purity with a fresh and lively acidity. It is pure and forthright on entry to the palate. The aromas detected on the nose come through again on the palate, along with vineyard peaches, mirabelles and greengages. This succulent wine is starting to express some mature aromas, thanks to the 3 years spent on its lees.

PAIRING Gosset’s Extra-Brut is a perfect aperitif wine or serve as a partner with sweet and sour dishes such as roast pork and apple sauce, or chicken with cashew nuts

Grand Blanc De Blancs

APPEARANCE An abundance of fi ne bubbles. Delicately pale gold in colour.

NOSE A mineral and fl oral nose with aromas of blossom and white fruit, apricot and Mirabel plum punctuated with tangy citrus notes of lemon, quince jelly and honey.

PALATE This bright and well-structured champagne offers white fl owers mingled with lightly toasted notes. Harmonious silky palate.

PAIRING The fi nesse and elegance of this cuvée makes it a perfect aperitif. Its freshness lends itself to numerous pairings, notably with scallops, dressed crab, gougères, fi sh tartare, oysters, risotto with parmesan shavings, white meats, or a young, fruity Comté cheese, or Parmesan.


APPEARANCE A brilliant deep gold Champagne.

NOSE Exceedingly fresh and expressive on the nose, with hawthorn, lilac, and wild white blossom entwined with fruit notes such as pear and Mirabel plum.

PALATE Deliciously ample with superb vinocity. Subtle notes of vanilla, with an acidity and freshness to give perfect balance. Citrus aromas and tangy notes of lemon and grapefruit are complemented by pear and plum as well as dried fruits and fresh walnuts.

PAIRING This vintage is the perfect accompaniment to fi sh dishes such as line-caught sea bass baked in salt or scallops, but also complements slightly salty dishes such as salt marsh lamb and fresh goat’s cheese.

Grand rosé

APPEARANCE A soft swirl of rose petal pink with hints of salmon pink and cherry red highlights

NOSE The nose is unmistakeably strawberry – in all its forms from freshly picked to strawberry jam.

PALATE Well-structured, with a balance between the tension of the freshness and luscious red fruit dominance (wild strawberries and cream or coulis) softly envelop the palate, with a smooth, superbly fresh finish.

PAIRING The richness and sweetness of the wine make it an excellent match for Foie gras, wild salmon, fi sh and seafood tapas, grilled veal, poultry, as well as red and forest fruits such as strawberries,raspberries and blueberries.

Grande réserve

APPEARANCE Luminous and golden. NOSE Freshness and fruit aromas. The Chardonnay offers a delicacy underscored by aromas of yellow fruit such as peach and Mirabel plum. PALATE On the palate the Pinot Noir from Aÿ has a magnifi cent structure. Hawthorn and white blossom intertwine harmoniously, with a fi nely-honed acidity carried by notes of citrus.
PAIRING This champagne that is both delicate and tense, suave and assertive, is naturally versatile. A dual personality that complements elaborate cuisine with simplicity and grace. Savour with tapas, farm-reared chicken, oysters, langoustines, comté, parmesan…

PetIte douceur rosé

APPEARANCE Pretty salmon pink in colour with a magnifi cent mousse of fi ne bubbles.

NOSE Aromas of ripe strawberries, followed by raspberries. As the wine warms slightly, notes of quince, blood orange and Lemon Verbena develop on the fi nish.

PALATE Superbly balanced in the mouth with dominant notes of strawberry and raspberry, accompanied by pink grapefruit and lemon.

PAIRING The extra-dry fi nish makes it an ideal companion with desserts, sweet and sour dishes or as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. Excellent with raspberry or mandarin macaroons, small fruit tarts or a pink grapefruit sorbet or soufflé.