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Our Lugana Molin takes its name from one of the Estate’s old farms. The carefully selected grapes come from the oldest vines of the Molino vineyard. Vinification following cryomaceration (leaving the grape must in contact with the skins at a low temperature) enables us to obtain a Lugana that has greater structure and more refined aromas.


Our Lugana Prestige summarizes in its name the mix of top-quality elements that give it its special personality: clay-rich soil that is unique of its kind; the mild microclimate of Lake Garda; and the aristocratic indigenous Trebbiano di Lugana variety, which yields grapes with very particular typical characteristics. The grape selection for the production of Prestige takes place exclusively in the fairly mature Trebbiano di Lugana vineyards of the Maiolo property, the principal site of the Cà Maiol Estate. It is a delicate wine with a long, tangy flavor, obtained by soft pressing and fermentation in stainless steel; it is ready for drinking after a brief maturation in bottle, in the spring of the year following the vintage.


We called our Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico D.O.P. Chiaretto “Roseri” due to the delicacy of its fragrance, which recalls that of a rosebud. It is obtained from the vinification of four red grape varieties of the Lake Garda area: Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera. Once these grapes have been harvested and left to cryomacerate at a low temperature for 48 hours, they yield a deeply-colored must, rich in elegance and body. This is often referred to as a “one-night wine”, because historically – in order to obtain its characteristic pink color – it was left for one night in contact with the skins. The particular structure thus obtained gives this Chiaretto greater longevity (even a few years), yet its fragrance always remains intact. From the clayey soils of the southern part of Lake Garda derive the tangy flavor and floral aroma that make it a perfect accompaniment for the typical local dishes.