Bonnes Mares

Could the prestige of this Grand Cru be due to the work of man or the protection of the gods ? Some think that the names comes from the verb ” marer ” which meant ” cutlivate “, whilst others assert that the ” appellation ” originated in the bas-reliefs found on the site representing the mother goddesses, or “Bonnes Mères” who
protected the harvest. In 1996, Bouchard Père & Fils acquired 24 “ares” at Chambolle-Musigny and now produces a little over 1000 bottles of this wine per year.


Tasting note: : Remarkably refined bouquet of fruit and spices combined with hint of oak.
Dense on the palate, this wine envelops its structure with superb flesh. Very good ageingpotential.
Food/wine pairing: Poultry, game birds (pigeon, fowl, etc.), medium-flavoured cheeses.
Serving temperature: Between 17°C to 18°C
Ageing potential: 10 years and more