Cigar Blend

100% Grande Champagne

Premier Cru de cognac

Very old brandy exclusively from the 240-hectare vineyards of the Frapin estate.

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Colour: Mahogany colour with copper highlights.

Bouquet: Mellow notes of vanilla and dried fruits, walnuts and hazelnuts thanks to extended ageing in new oak barrels and the age-old expertise of the Frapin family. Very smooth, complex, balanced, subtle aromas of old port mixed with the scent of wooden cigar boxes typical of a Grande Champagne distilled over lees.

Palate: balance – roundness – richness Exceptionally long finish in which all the flavours combine in a subtle and complex harmony. The cognac reveals a discreet vanilla note from the tannin in the wood and a consistent bouquet with persistent aromas of spices, dried fruits and «rancio».