Montes Taita (2014)


Montes Taita is a deep ruby-red colour. The nose offers notes of cherry, raspberry and cassis; all harmoniously combined with the aromas from French oak, that unies the fruit with delicate notes of toast, sweet spices, and nally a hint of tobacco.


Cellaring Recommendations: In a cool, dry place, at no more than 15°C and away from sources of light.
Recommended Serving Temperature: No more than 18°C.
Decanting: At least two hours.




The Taita vineyards are located at our “El Arcángel de Marchigüe” Estate, at the western end of the Colchagua Valley, 25 km. from the Pacic Ocean. Like most Chilean soils, those in Marchigüe are of granitic origin at levels of decomposition that vary by location. Some have high clay content and moderate depths, while others are shallower with less clay and more silt and rocks. In the vineyard parcels dedicated to Taita, one can clearly see glacial inuence in the formation of soil structure, where typically angular stones deposited by passing glaciers are found with stones rounded and smoothed by surface water. The Taita vineyards are special because they are dry farmed, which means we do not irrigate the plants during their development and ripening stages. They develop ‘naturally’, with consequently fewer bunches of smaller, more concentrated grapes.